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五一放假通知! [04-30 13:26] May 1 holiday notice! Happy Labor Day!
April is really a beautiful month. In addition to the three-day holiday in Qingming, there is also a benefit for all employees of the Ark-a five-day tour of Hainan. I believe that the first two days you have seen from the WeChat public account of the closed cooling tower manufacturer Wuxi Ark Fluid. With the beautiful scenery of the blue sky and blue sea of Hainan Island, this is not the time to enter the May Day holiday. The May Day holiday this year is also very special. It broke the convention of the past three days and became a four-day long holiday. Haha, I believe everyone The companion's restless heart can't hold back anymore, and can't wait to plunge into the embrace of nature to enjoy this rare four-day holiday. Come on, Xiaobian first come to a wave of Hainan beauty photos to soothe the restless hearts!
激情起航,气宇轩昂! [02-21 08:37] Passion sets sail, Qiyuxuanang ! Ark Fluid starts construction in 2019!
Golden Pig Blessing, the 16th of the first month, Wuxi Ark Fluid Technology Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of closed cooling towers, officially set sail in 2019. After a happy and peaceful Spring Festival holiday, the Ark people from all over returned to the base camp with a new spirit, and greeted the start of the day with a pleasant sound of firecrackers.
“啥是佩奇”为什么年底这么火? [01-25 09:20] "What is Page?" Why is it so hot at the end of the year?
The Spring Festival holiday is approaching. In our Ark closed cooling tower factory, we have begun to prepare for the holidays in advance. I wonder if this is the case with you? At the time of the reunion and peaceful Spring Festival, you must also pay attention to the topic of "What is Pecs". What is going on? Next, the editor of the closed tower manufacturer will give you an overview.
闭塔厂家说朋克养生 [01-23 08:59] Closed tower manufacturers say punk health
The new year is approaching, and delicious dishes will follow, accompanied by the flavor of the year, but we must also keep in mind the results of this physical examination, and keep your mouth shut! See, in the past two days, among the ark closed cooling tower manufacturers, the topic of health has sprung up, because the youngest 96-year-old partner in the office has also started using a massage pillow. In response to this scene, the closed tower manufacturers had to be I think of the hot search term "health punk" on the Internet, and then I will give you a brief introduction.
方舟点赞乡村教师奖 [01-16 09:25] Ark praises the Village Teacher Award
Ever since the editor of the closed cooling tower manufacturer went to Hangzhou to visit Alibaba's headquarters last time, its corporate culture has been infecting me and inspiring me, and I am always following the circle of friends of the evangelist. Recently I saw him share the "Ma Yun Village Teacher Award" as the first event of the award ceremony. The principal “returned to the classroom”. This is the fourth Sanya covenant between Ma Yun and the village teachers! I feel very kind, because now as a small manufacturer of closed cooling tower manufacturers, I used to be a teacher and an English teacher!
无锡方舟“年货节” [01-14 09:06] Wuxi's Ark "New Year's Festival"
As the saying goes, "After the Laba is the year", the pace of the New Year is getting closer and closer to us. Recently, major e-commerce platforms have advertised "New Year's Day", and everyone is rushing to buy New Year's products on shopping platforms. The closed cooling tower manufacturer Wuxi Ark Fluid also rushed to release the Spring Festival New Year's products before the Laba Festival.
方舟流体2019迎新晚会圆满落幕! [01-11 08:48] Ark Fluid 2019 Welcome Party ends successfully!
On January 9, 2019, Wuxi Ark Fluid Technology Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of closed cooling towers, arrived as scheduled. Wet and cold weather could not stop the enthusiasm and footsteps of the employees, everyone gathered together. First of all, Mr. Zhou Wuping, Chairman of the Board, delivered a speech, summarizing the development history of Ark that has lasted for more than ten years since its establishment. It has made great achievements in the field of closed cooling towers. It also looks forward to the future development focus of Ark in 2019. And direction, so that employees have more confidence. For a better tomorrow, everyone raises a glass together, "bang"-the sound of crisp glass collision echoes in everyone's ears, making people excited.
闭塔厂家为您解读个税 [01-07 09:12] The closed tower manufacturer will explain the tax for you
January 2019 has arrived. According to the editor of the ark closed cooling tower manufacturer, one of the topics that everyone is talking about is the new policy of the country-a tax! I often hear the other party say, how do you fill in the application items, then the editor will briefly explain it for everyone!
2019年,你充值了吗? [12-28 09:12] Did you recharge in 2019?
Busy and busy going around in 2018, it was the countdown. Thinking back to the New Year's Day holiday, as if it was yesterday, I looked at the work schedule this morning, and I have to make the goal and plan of the 2019 closed cooling tower. Then I realized that our 2018 is almost over in silence.
今年,你上“春晚”了吗? [12-26 09:13] Did you go to the "Spring Festival Gala" this year?
The annual Ark Spring Festival Gala has begun, and the election of the program is underway. On Chinese New Year's Eve, watching Spring Festival Gala has become our Chinese New Year's custom. It is also everyone's dream to be able to show up on Spring Evening. In order to fulfill everyone's star dream, we will soon hold a special party—Ark Spring Festival Gala. Once the ⎝⎛皇冠体育app⎞⎠ was released, the elites of the closed cooling towers that were usually on the case could not bear it anymore, and showed their talents one after another, striving for the last "Spring Festival Gala".
平安夜,你吃苹果了吗? [12-24 09:08] Have you eaten apples on Christmas Eve?
2018 is coming to an end, and in the last week, we ushered in the highlight of the Western Festival-Christmas! Every year on December 24th-Christmas Eve, Silent Night, which means Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, everyone will have dinner with family, and there will be "Santa" to give you gifts! In short, everyone has infinite reveries and expectations for Santa Claus, elk, and Christmas tree! Having said that, I can't help thinking, what gift will I receive this year when I have been obsessed with a closed cooling tower?
2018年十大流行语,你知道几个? [12-19 09:01] Top ten buzzwords in 2018, how many do you know?
Unknowingly, 2018 will be over. How are you doing this year? Did the small goal written a year ago be achieved? All in all, it's time for the annual summary inventory. So what are the top 10 buzzwords this year? Is there a closed cooling tower? Hahaha! "Bite the text" announced the top ten buzzwords in 2018, take a look at these hot words on the hot Internet in 2018, which one are you most commonly used? Do you know what they mean? If you do n’t understand, you will be out!
校园招聘接近尾声! [12-03 09:45] Campus recruitment is coming to an end! ——Students, see you next year!
What does business development rely on! money? relationship? Creative? The key is talent. So recruitment is the focus of personnel work for each of our companies. From the selection, interview, employment, training and promotion of personnel, the planning of the entire career process has been carefully considered and considered. It is very important for personal development and business operation. In terms of talent strategy, our closed cooling tower manufacturer Ark Fluid also spares no effort to stay at the forefront of development and care for the development of employees, which is our goal.
只求平等,不求“关注”! [11-30 09:10] Only for equality, not for "attention"!
The coming of December means that 2018 is about to say byebye to us. December 1st will be the first to be celebrated on December 1-World AIDS Day. I think everyone mentions this word very evasively, it doesn't seem to mention it. And for AIDS people, stay away. At today's closed cooling tower theme sharing meeting, the host explained this day. In order to raise people's awareness of AIDS, the World Health Organization designated December 1 of each year as World AIDS Day in January 1988, and called on all countries and international organizations to organize related activities on this day to promote and popularize AIDS prevention knowledge.
学会感恩 [11-22 09:09] Learn to be grateful
In the early winter season, the chill is getting stronger. In such a cold and humid day, we ushered in a warm holiday-Thanksgiving. Now more and more western festivals are pouring into our daily life, such as April Fool's Day, Halloween, Christmas. Some of these festivals are because they are fun and funny, and some are being hyped by businessmen, and they are gradually becoming familiar, accepted and popular by Chinese people. On Thanksgiving Day, the editor of the closed cooling tower manufacturer thinks that in addition to making fun of it, it should be a very meaningful festival and it is worth our serious spending.
从CNN的胜诉看中国企业的制度建设 [11-21 09:04] Looking at the system construction of Chinese enterprises from the victory of CNN
A recent political ⎝⎛皇冠体育app⎞⎠ has drawn my attention to the editor of the closed cooling tower: Trump has become a defendant. The supreme head of state of a country becomes the defendant of a company, and such things may only happen in democratic countries. It can be seen that in these countries, whether it is an authoritative "expert", a wealthy "local tyrant" or a supreme "leader" are bound by the "cage" of law. The law is a mandatory "rule of the game" recognized by most citizens.
又是一年立冬时 [11-07 08:55] It's another winter time
The establishment, the beginning of construction also; the winter, the end also, the collection of all things. Lidong is one of the twenty-four solar terms in the lunar calendar and one of the traditional Chinese festivals. At this time, in the north, it was the month of Meng Dong, "the water freezes and the ground starts to freeze," but in the south it is Xiaoyangchun. As the editor of a closed cooling tower manufacturer, I dare not show my ankle again.
方舟流体首届PPT演讲大赛圆满落幕! [10-29 09:05] The first PPT Speech Contest of Ark Fluid ended successfully!
In order to train the speech ability of all sales personnel of the closed cooling tower manufacturer sales department to further improve business quality, strengthen the team's internal collaborative learning ability, and incubate the company's external publicity PPT materials, Ark organized the PPT speech contest. The entire sales department, namely the sales team and the online sales team, participated in the competition, and invited other department leaders as judges of the competition.
学“习”进行中之修身琢业! [10-26 09:13] Study on self-cultivation and self-cultivation in the process of learning "Xi"!
Do n’t let people boast good colors, but just keep their spirits full. ”These are the two poems quoted by President Xi in his speech after the closing of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It demonstrates our party's hard-working and hard-working spirit and at the same time puts forward a high standard for the Chinese Communists in the new era of strict self-cultivation and expectations of hundreds of millions of young people. Then, follow the Ark fluid closed cooling tower Learn the "Xi" team and start learning!
这个周末干嘛去? [10-24 09:35] Why go this weekend? Follow the ark to climb the mountain!
The autumn is high and the weather is pleasant. Autumn in Jiangnan always feels inexplicably short, so in this rare weather, there must be something to do on the weekend to be able to live a good time. So where does the question come from? If you don't have a better idea, then follow the friends of Ark Fluid Closed Cooling Tower and go mountain climbing together! Feel the glimpse of the small mountains at a glance!
这个重阳节,别让爱缺席 [10-17 09:04] Don't let love be absent on this Chongyang Festival
In the autumn afternoon, the sun was warm. Strolling in the beautiful closed cooling tower manufacturer Fangzhou Fluid Company, I saw the layers of golden osmanthus blooming with a tree, spilled to the ground, and the oncoming fragrance instantly wiped out all the troubles at work. The smell of sweetness in the air reminded me of sweet-scented osmanthus cake.
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